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We can custom load any cartridge under .50 cal if there is enough interest to constitute the initial purchase of the equipment. If we don't have the load you want listed below feel free to ask Jesse

Please remember that reloaded ammo, No matter how reputable the dealer/loader can be dangerous!!

Prior to purchase you will be required to sign a waver stating that Eric's Armory and Employee's

will not be held responsible for injury to any person or damage to any weapon from the use of reloaded ammo.

**Due to market volatility, Prices on ammo/components are subject to change without notice**

We do not ship ammo or components. We currently have too much demand locally to consider shipping.

Custom Ammunition
  • Discounts are given for returning your brass. The brass will be tumbled clean and inspected. Upon inspection brass not meeting criteria will be recycled and your total will be reduced accordingly. Discounts are subject to market value on brass.
  • Bulk ammo is loaded into a cardboard box. Flip top boxes are available for purchase.
  •   Black plastic ammo cans are available for $10

RN= Round Nose
FP= Flat Point
JHP= Jacketed Hollow point
FMJ= Full Metal Jacket
BTHP= Boat Tail Hollow Point
BTSP= Boat Tail Soft Point
N/A just means we don't Package in this quantity.
                                                                       NIP= Not In Production. We make special runs of these. Call for availability.

Factory Loaded Ammo:

We currently stock:
Call for availability

Reloading Components

**Due to market volatility, Prices on ammo/components are subject to change without notice**

Brass            Primers             Projectiles            Powder


Current stock of .223 brass is mixed head stamp.
.223 brass       $50/500 case tumbled/cleaned/inspected (most beridin primers removed)

We also stock Top Brass Fully processed primed and un-primed brass. All brass is sized, trimmed, polished and ready to load.










Projectiles we stock 


9mm  115GR RN

7mm Mag


We stock:

Alliant Power Pistol 1 & 4lb containers
Alliant Bulls-eye in 1 & 8lb containers
HS6 1lb cans

Alliant Reloader 6
Alliant Reloader 17
Alliant Reloader 22

All of the Hodgden line

All of the IMR line

Email for pricing and lead time.



We stock what we use, and we use CCI Primers.

Flat rate $35/1000 or $3.50 a tray.

CCI 250 Magnum Large Rifle Primers

CCI 300 Large Pistol Primers

CCI 400 Small Rifle Primers                                                                      

CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers

CCI 550 Magnum Small Pistol Primers

 CCI #41 Military/NATO primers. $40/1000

Pistol Ammo
.380 ACP

Some experts will say it's barely adequate, and others will say it's barely inadequate. Even so, it remains a popular self-defense cartridge for shooters who want a lightweight pistol with manageable recoil. It is slightly less powerful than a standard-pressure .38 Special and uses 9 mm (.355 in) diameter bullets.

Our normal load out is a Berry's .355" 100gr FMJ with Alliant Bullseye powder and a CCI primer.

Read about the history of the .380 ACP here


The 9mm is a standard issue for many law enforcement and military applications. The myth that a 9mm doesnt have the stopping power was questioned by the FBI and tested in the 70's after it was documented that it was unable to stop a person. The program later concluded that the .40cal with a 180gr bullet was best suited. The tests have been the basis for the creation of new bullet lines like "Hydra shok", "Hornady's Critical Defense" and "Speer's Gold Dot" These new design's have the penetration and expansion required to put a person into Hydrostatic shock.

We stock a few variations of rounds all loaded with CCI primers and Alliant Bullseye powder.

9mm target is normally loaded with Berry's 115gr Round Nose \

9mm hollow point is stocked in Berrys 124gr JHP but can be loaded with any projectile you want.

40 cal

The .40 is my personal favorite. It has nearly the same energy as any 45 on the market with a 9mm+p frame size and magazine size. These loads can be tricky, and it is not recommended to use brass that has been fired more than once in a Glock that hasn't been re-barreled. If you have any questions consult a gunsmith to find your barrel size.

.40 cal ammo is currently stocked in target loads only and using Berry's 165gr FMJ


.45 has been in constant development for 80+ years. I believe the 1911 style pistol requires no introduction. It's reputation has stood unchallenged by professionals. At the end of the day the 1911 throws the largest-caliber heaviest chunk of lead downrange with the highest degree of accuracy than any other pistol.

Target: 230gr Berry's FMJ

Self Defense: 230gr Speer Gold Dot
                    250gr Hornady XTP / Critical defense

Rifle Ammo


  This stuff fly's off the shelf. Call us for invintory check, or to be added to our no strings attached wait-list.

7mm Mag:

This caliber is stocked on limited basis, however can be loaded upon request. Each box is priced below what you will pay at the local chain stores, and guaranteed to be more accurate and consistent than a factory load. We can load you up with pretty much any projectile you want, but we stock Hornady and strongly recommend the 123gr or 132gr Amax for varment and the 163gr BTSP Interlock for large game.
           Email Jesse for prices. Please include whether you will be purchasing/providing brass, and what projectile you want. If your not sure, he can guide you           through it.

300 Winchester Magnum
We do not stock brass for this caliber, however we can custom load your brass on request.

Generally, not a stocked item. Call ahead to see if we have any. We can always load your brass.

338 Winchester

We do not stock brass for this caliber, however we can custom load your brass on request.

This caliber is stocked on limited basis, however can be loaded upon request.
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